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Přehrada Josefův Důl

Shooting February 2015

Club-Maté Product Shooting

Kryathlon 2015

Swimming in cold water, running and cross-country skiing. That’s new sport discipline called Kryathlon. Many thanks to Jack Bright and his team to organize the event. See more pictures and videos on their Facebook Page.

January 2015

December 2014

November 2014

All shot with Praktica, no edits.

October 2014

September 2014

Later better than never.

Ýbrkýbl September 2014

Check some pictures from another Ýbrkýbl Fashion Bazar event that took place last weekend at Bubenská 1.

Hyena Criterium – InDust3

Fixed-gear! These guys are fast as hell. See some pictures the Hyena Criterium race from Prague’s Urban Cycling Festival InDust3.

August 2014

Berlin. Malmo. Copenhagen. These places rock if you’re looking for places that live. Plus you’ll find some pictures from August’s trips. Now I have to run to bring you another great pictures in September’s shooting.

July 2014

All the pictures were shot during one week in Slovenia. Having so many things to do before and after the trip was a real danger to my month-to-month regular shooting. But the week spent around the ...

June 2014

June is the 8th month in the row I shoot regularly. Having the camera with me everyday is great even though most of the time I don’t shoot. Just having the opportunity. Sometimes I feel like there’s nothing ...

May 2014

Firstly, this month I was quite successful in finding new abandoned places. On the other hand I have finished with lots of somehow interesting shots but they seem very much the same to me. Secondly, street ...

April 2014

April was busy. I had less time to shoot and on top of that I didn’t get any shot several times I went outside. Luckily there are still some abandoned factories and the famous flea market  in Vysočany. ...

Ýbrkýbl Fashion Bazar

Friends of mine organize this fashion market several times per year. The idea is really great – people sell clothes that don’t want to wear anymore and others can buy it for cheap. As we definitely ...

March 2014

Shooting in March was enriched by the trip to Sri Lanka. The collection starts with some of the pictures from trip I find interesting. Most of the rest are snapshots from walking around Prague. Some ...

February 2014

Febs shooting looks empty a bit. Altogether I spent almost half of the month travelling. I was in Berlin – you could see the photowalk and urbex and then went to Sri Lanka. The rest ...

Berlin Urbex 2014

I have already seen a lot of main sights in Berlin. I was really interested to find something new and choosed Berlin’s quarter Pankow as a destination (it has a cool name, hasn’ it?). I ...

Berlin Photowalk 2014

Going to Berlin in the last week of January is almost a tradition. With folks from New Media Studies (Stunome) we go to Berlin to visit the Transmediale festival that takes place there every year. For ...

Abandoned car factory of K. G.

I live in Vysočany, part of Prague that was previously heavily industrial. Most of these places has been already demolished but some are still standing. Last week I got a bit angry with my ignorance ...

January 2014

Chosen pictures from January  2014.

December 2013

The interesting ones from December 2013.

Festina Finals 2013

November 2013

Chosen photos from November 2013.

Shooting with Bastard.cz

Shooting some backstage photos for Bastard.cz wasn’t that bad idea. They got pictures and tried shooting with studio lights for the first time. And many thanks to spontaneous  models Mascha and Fishuge (and Matez for lights).

Freshlabels Shop Opening

Freshlabels have opened a brand new shop in the center of Prague. And folks really wanted to get in!